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The town of Slough is often linked to London, however it actually lies within the South West county of Berkshire, United Kingdom – around 20 miles to the west of the capital.

The town is known for being the most ethnically diverse area in the UK, outside of London and has England’s highest proportion of religious citizens.

In recent years, the town has undergone major regenerative projects. Older buildings have been replaced with new shopping complexes and commercial spaces. Furthermore, the Heart of Slough Project aims to bring further cultural aspects to the town by focusing on creative media, visual landmarks and public spaces to support the information and communications industries.

The town’s famous Herschel Park (which was formerly referred to as Upton Park until 1949) is also being remodelled in order to restore it to the impressive way it looked during the Victorian era.

While not technically in Greater London, the town has excellent transportation links to the city. First Great Western train services connect the area to Greater London and the surrounding counties, taking approximately 17 minutes to get from Slough station to London Paddington.

Whether you’re in Slough for business or pleasure, there’s no reason not to take a trip into London to see everything the city has to offer.

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